Sunday, 19 April 2015

SHOPPING on the highstreet: Sainsburys Country Fair Homeware Range

I do my regular food shop in my local Sainsburys and always venture down the homewares aisle. I have found some lovely decorative pieces for the home in Sainsburys and they're always of good quality too! Although some of their current stock isn't to my taste I can appreciate how beautiful it is. If you love the classic country look, their Country Fair collection would be right up your street!  Woven wicker, rope and carved wood feature alongside warmly coloured glassware and terracotta for a relaxed, handcrafted feel. There are also beautiful white washed candlesticks, wooden lanterns and wooden tealight trays with amber glass votives, my favourite pick is the amber glass vase and it would fit in my home even though its a modern style interior. These three are my favourite from the collection, how adorable is the cushion!
VASE £12
Take a look online over on

Saturday, 18 April 2015

SHOPPING on the highstreet: Free power pack for EE customers

We all love to be recognised as a valuable customer, and normally this applies more so with your phone and internet provider. I have been a loyal customer to EE now for 6 years and I've had no complaints so far, so when I heard about this fantastic offer available I had to snap it up! Now I don't know the ins and outs of this promotion but what I do know is you need to text 'POWERPACK' to 365 to receive your FREE power pack available to collect from your local EE store. I did go to collect mine on Friday afternoon but there wasn't any left in stock so I was told they would be back in stock Monday but I'm happy anyway! I have been told from an EE customer service assistant that its worth about twenty pound and once its runs out you can take it back for a new one. Now it is worth looking this offer up first either on their website or the Independent gives you the ins and outs online, but I'm pleased as punch to be offered this freebie!

Happy days!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

SHOPPING on the highstreet: Wilkinsons budget clay mask

If you love a good pamper on a budget then this is definitely a must-have product for you. Its part of the Wilkinson's Fruit collection which is full of washing and bathing products with intensely fruity fragrances that helps uplift you and your senses! For 95p you get a cute pod of clay available in tons of different fragrances, I've discovered one pot stretches to two facemasks as well. I also purchased the face mask kit for 95p including a bowl, plastic applicator and brush, I have managed for years without applicators but it does save the mess. Clay is so good for an oily skin complexion like me and it really did do the job in helping my skin and making it feel soft and smooth but understanding how long to keep it on for makes a massive difference. Knowing the three phases of a clay face mask are important.
Phase 1 (Damp phase) The clay is wet and sticky on the skin and its drinking in all the beneficial minerals from the mask
Phase 2 (Start of the dry phase) The clay is lightening in colour on your face but still tacky to touch, your capillaries are being exercised from the clay drying and is stimulating blood flow as the mask cools and is tightening
Phase 3 (Dry phase) The clay is completely dry and flaking, it is drawing all moisture from the surface of your skin becoming dry and irritated
With this in mind you can have a safe and relaxing pampering session, without irritation and enjoy all the different fragranced goodies in the Wilkinson's range.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

TRENDING on the highstreet: Products to create a messy bob

After recently having my hair cut short again I've wanted to create that messy bob that everybody is loving! After testing a list of products as long as my arm I have found two that work in harmony with each other and are right for me to create the look I want. Phew. Firstly Urban Fudge Texturising Spray for Raw Beach Hair, absolutely brilliant gives grit to my hair and works well using a hairdryer with or without the diffuser (also smells like coconuts, what more do you want!?) I'm also a big lover of their Iced Raspberry and Vanilla hairspray, that gives a firm hold and again makes your hair smell delicious but more about that another time. Next up is Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray, I use this even if I want straight hair just to give it some lift, I have a lot of hair so I'm always finding the weight of it makes it look pretty flat and lifeless! Its a non-greasy formulation that works invisibly to give height, texture and volume to hair, you can spray straight at the root or just all over to create tousled textured finish. For me this duo is perfect but its taken a lot of time (and pennies) to find it but I'm there finally!
I also rub a small amount of Morrocon oil through it at the end to keep it all tamed and glossy!
What's your favourite products?

Saturday, 28 March 2015

SHOPPING on the highstreet: Mineral Magic

I really dislike the cheesy JML adverts on the T.V and normally I wouldn't look twice at their products, especially if it was a beauty product but my mum had purchased this and wasn't happy with look of it on her skin so I thought I would give it a try. I'm not completely in love with the product BUT it is something I would use. In amazement I saw blemishes and red tones in my skin disappear, it was light, it wasn't cakey or powdery and it felt so smooth. For £9.99 I thought the product was very good, I think I'm going to use it more in a summer when I just want something light on my face and my skin has a slight bronze to it. I haven't ever used its competitors such as Bare Minerals to compare as I'm a liquid foundation lover but for a first try I was impressed! The packaging does leave a little bit to desire and I did use my own buffing brush, but the small brush created the same effect. It also explained the method behind all the colour dots which was quite interesting to read as you could use that information when purchasing other products.
All in all the moral of the story is to try something new once in a while!

Monday, 23 March 2015

VISUAL MERCHANDISING on the highstreet: Spring 2015

Spring has arrived and its time to refresh the whole feel and look of the stores windows! It started with a base colour of blue and then dressed with pastels of greens, pinks and purples. I love the simplicity of the windows and that Scandinavian style look they have with the blonde wood finishes. I have to mention the articulated hands carrying the handbags. I think its a genius idea. It really gives some life to the handbags and creates an element of fun to the display. With the windows being simple the styling had to compliment this, wearing a classic cut dress or a crisp white shirt the mannequins added to the Scandinavian feel. I'm really happy with these windows, they're cool and contempary and fit right into the current interior and fashion trend that seems to be taking a hold everywhere.

Hope you like them and they get you in the mood for spring!

Sunday, 15 March 2015


I seem to have a large amount of mugs in my cupboard, and now I want to add to the collection. I came across these in my local Steamer Trading Cookshop store, I love the cute designs on them and it fits in with the colourful/Scandinavian style my home is decorated in. When I looked online at I was happily surprised to see other beautiful products sporting these cool prints and designs. There was cute cushions, tote bags and ragdoll kits for kids! Make International are the stockists of the mugs and glassware (it will handily pop you over to their site when you click the link) its a great website celebrating all different quirky kitchen accessories that I would love to have, I can't wait to browse more! I'm sure there will be more blog posts up soon on these wonderful designs. Its products like this that add that sense of personality to a home, and makes it unique.
MUGS £10.00
GLASS £4.00
There's also mini mugs for kids at £4.50!
What do you think about these designs?